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European ghetto-installation will be constructed to Helsinki in September
Welcome to participate in the work-in-progress installation, workshops, discussions and a seminar
The City Ghettos of Today is a unique artistic initiative exploring the concept of ‘ghetto’ in 7 European cities. The activities of the project will take place in Helsinki between 8.9. and 20.9. These include a transforming installation that will form its contents in multidisciplinary workshops collaboratively with an international team of artists and local participants, a seminar that presents the cases of the project in the different cities, a series of workshops and public interview-discussions and two public performances related to the collectively built installation.
At the heart of the project lies a desire to construct together meaningful experiences and new ways of understanding the concept of ghettos in different European cities. Do spatial, invisible or abstract walls separate groups of people from other groups? Why, when and how this happens in the different cities?
The installation consists of different sized tubes that transform into containers for sounds and voices, video screens or corridors for actors. The collective building process of the installation is combined with dialogical meetings with representatives of different communities in each city. Instead of being an independent and finalized work of art, the installation is a travelling tool for exploring the theme during the collective period of creation. In Helsinki the approach on the ghetto-concept concentrates on limits that make it difficult to share different types of knowledge. With whom can individuals from varied backgrounds share their knowledge, visions and practices and what kind of communities does this process form?
The programme of interviews was planned together with Sivuvalo project´s multilingual writers residing in Finland and other partners of the project.
In Helsinki the installation will be built to Cultural Centre Stoa 9.9.-19.9. in workshops open for participants from Helsinki. A seminar presenting the project cases of Warsaw, Bologna, Paris and other cities will take place at Lavaklubi of the National Theatre 16.9. at 2-6 pm. A performance related to the installation will take place at Stoa 17.9. at 6 pm and at Shopping  Centre Forum 19.9. at 5 pm. A final installation that compiles the materials from the project´s seven cities will be constructed in Warsaw in january 2015.
The Helsinki-based members of the artist team are Alejandro Olarte, electroacoustic musician and composer-educator-researcher from Colombia, Marek Pluciennik, video artist from Poland, Walter Fondo, actor and association activist from Cameroon, and Eveliina Heinonen, drama educator born in Finland and Roxana Crisólogo, a poet born in Peru. The artistic director of the international project is Pietro Floridia, a theatre director and multidisciplinary artist from Bologna. In September, a team of artists coming from the project´s different cities will guide the building process of the installation Helsinki together with the local team.
Project partners in Finland are Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Cultural Centre Stoa, Citizen´s Forum, Helinä Rautavaara Museum, Ptarmigan ry, Pacunet ry, National Theatre´s audience development and Sivuvalo-project of multilingual writers. Project is financially supported by European Commission – Program Europe for Citizens and co-financed by Evens Foundation. Helsinki project is supported by Arts Promotion Centre, Citizen´s Forum and from Pacunet´s part, Ministry of Culture and Education.
More information and inscriptions:
Outi Korhonen,, 0295 330 805

Ptarmigan Tallinn's current artist in residence, Camilla Graff Junior, will perform My Mom is a Wolf, My Dad... at XL Art Space on Tuesday, 26 November at 18:00. The performance is free and lasts about 80 minutes.


We are looking for elephants and performers to take part in a new art work by British artist Amelia Beavis-Harrison on Friday 18th October 2013. The performance is part of the Dimanche Rouge Estonia-Finland-France festival which will take place in Helsinki from 17-20 October. The new piece called The Elephant Dance will see six people take on the roles of elephant and hunter as a durational performance plays out around the Helsinki Art Museum. The performance uses movement as a way of interpreting traditional tribal dance to create a re-worked performance but is not a choreographed piece.

Who we are looking for:

- People prepared to give their time to a workshop to develop the work and a subsequent performance. 

- You can be an artist, dancer, student or someone with a general interest, 18 years or over

- There is no requirement to come from a dance or performance background, there will be no set dance steps to learn

What you will be asked to do:

- Take part in a day workshop led by the artist that will incorporate learning performance techniques which will lead into development of the performance. Workshop is Friday 18th October from 11am

- Take part in the durational performance around the Helsinki Art Museum. Performance is on Friday 18th October from 4pm

- Wear a costume for the duration of the performance

Overall this aims to be an enjoyable experience where you become a part of a new and evolving piece and get to meet other new like minded people.

For more about Amelia’s art practice see:

PARTICIPATION --> please email with the subject heading 'elephants and performers'
Image credit: Amelia Beavis-Harrison 'Watch the wall, my darling, as the gentlemen go by!' (2012), photographer: John Plowman.