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unKontained Translations
interactive performance
07 June, 2012 00:00 klo 09:00-09:00
part of project: Kontaining

unKontained Translations casts pedestrians as participants whilst the stage is set with new and previously made Translation is Dialogue (TID) artworks and TID artworks made on location in Helsinki to be part of the performance in an interactive way. Over the course of 24hours, the unKontained Translation's performances will show unforeseeable movements made by the public which will propel and create spontaneous translations unique to the location and audience. Involvement of all TID artists is encouraged and new forms of collaborations are welcome.


Thursday, June 7
9:00 - ... : unKontained Translation step out of the box with ongoing workshops and interactive art open for everybody and anybody to join.

Sari Toivola focuses on making pictures out of words.                                             

Arlene Tucker offers hints on translation techniques                                                

Nate Williams story tells his collages and art-making process.                               

15:00 - ... : Marko Juhani Roininen initiates his 'Crazy Wisdom' collective musical session.  Bring your instruments and create a live musical translation together!  Marko will bang his drums, Eero Savela will play his trumpet, and YOU will bring whatever makes noise.  This musical interpretation is based on Alejandra Pineda's description, which is the source code for Translation is Dialogue.

19:30 -  : Sari TM Kivinen will present performative responses that (depending on audience-participants) may become a workshop. 

Friday, June 8
5:30- 6:00 am : Giorgio Convertito (dancer) and Antonio Alemanno Konkra (double bass) perform their spacial translation at dawn.

New TID works from Svitlana Biedarieva, Heather Connelly, Astrid Fischer Pedersen, DJ Karl Marx, The Violent Fluffers, Nate Williams ( and more!

For more information on Translation is Dialogue and to participate in future TID installations please have a look at:

Arlene Tucker is a Taiwanese American artist born on December 3, 1980 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Tucker's art practice is inspired by the interaction between an artist or artwork and the viewer. She is interested in creating art and art installations that tell stories and that engage the viewer; that invite the viewer on stage to be a part of the storytelling or art creation process. Tucker aims to develop innovative and playful attitudes in multidisciplinary mediums and through an all-encompassing experience.  Living in Northern Europe where Tucker’s senses are constantly making meaning from an orchestra of foreign sounds and contextualizing new signs is a continuation of her dream to travel, discover and build for people.

Arlene H. Tucker