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Container / Unicorn Hard-On / Laser Poodle / Moemlien
26 July, 2012 00:00 21:00

CONTAINER (Nashville, Tennessee)
Inspired by the discovery of 90’s minimal techno, Ren Schofield began his Container project in the early months of 2009, applying compositional techniques and musical approaches learned through his background of noise, drone, and cassette collage music to the genre of techno, without combining any of the two. Backdrops of simplistic beats evolve patiently over time giving a distinct focus to each sound introduced and each pattern created, snowballing together with occasional vocal cassette manipulations into what has been described as ‘outsider techno’ .

UNICORN HARD-ON (Nashville, Tennessee)
For many years now Valerie Martino has been infiltrating the American and European underground with her unusual style of animal inspired electronic dance music. Incorporating elements of techno, industrial, noise, and synth pop, four sequenced Electribes are used to create eerie backgrounds of tonal interference, glittering splashes of synth, and gradually multiplying pulsing beats, forming a wall of mutated dance madness.

LASER POODLE (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Two kids, Johann Kauth and Jonathan Mikkelsen, who hooked up their electronic wizardry are challenging the boundaries of electronic dance music. In form of an organic, constantly shapeshifting pulse, played on a pile of electronics and drum machines, Laser Poodle is a sweet late night stroboscopic dog fight trip.

MOEMLIEN (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
The solo project of Hannah Friese. She is exploring the many sides of the cassette tape as a medium for capturing and manipulation of sounds. Field recordings and melodic sequences are layered into uplifting sonic spheres of the extraterrestrial kind, with a warm and open feel to them. In her adventures she uses electronics, toy keyboards, violoncello, various acoustic objects & instruments and voice.

+special local DJ's:
Wim Grower
Airam Idak