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Carlos Llavata
01 June, 2012 00:00 - 01 June, 2012 00:00 Start time 10 AM to 18 PM
part of project: Kontaining

An oniric communicative and anti-boring performance that wishes to highlight one of the main conceptual paranoia nowadays: the rabbit world and its possibilities in our XXI century, its imaginary world endangered and its potential in this XXI century: magic, sex, cartoons, rabbit’s foot key ring, or just the basic ingredient in Valencia’s paella.

I am greatly busy with these thoughts that I forward with methods I am familiar with: performance art, audiovisual format, ceramic sculpture or photography. I openly expose it so as to get a broader feedback of ideas to develop further this research, this idea concerning such a great matter. Is the pornographic genre (playboy) invading all the conceptual aspect of the rabbit’s world* and therefore, would this be the reason that leads to its extinction, leaving all other values aside, such as magic, hunting, cartoons, rabbit’s foot key ring and everything that entails?

All my efforts resulted in these projects intend to deduce, envision and if possible neutralize that pornographic advance and preserve that conceptual multivision of the so wonderful “rabbit’s world” to which we have so much to recognize, and investigate the interrelationship among its various potential aspects.

* In Spanish, rabbit is “pussy” in slang.